How to select a web hosting plan

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How to select a web hosting plan

Post by IruWishMa » Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:31 am

Selecting from a various Web Hosting offers, a daunting task for people these days.

Lot of Marketing people involve in Web Hosting business. They create physiologically effective Ad campaigns for their companies.

What is the Effect?

Misleading the People in need of Web hosting.

So how to select the best offer?
I will give you examples and see the differences in Advertisements and actual facts.

Offer 1 - Promises - 0.01$ first month/Normal Price 10$
Here most of the people do not realize they need to pay 10$ per month from second month on-words.

Offer 2 - Promises - 1.45$ per month - Normal Price 4.5$
Here what companies does is they give 1.45$ price for Annual subscription.
Strike through text is the price from the second year onward and the price if you select monthly plan.

In the offer 1 above People build and upload or uses CMS and create their web sites in the first month. by the time they realize they need to pay 10$ per month, they are too late. They only have the options either to carry on with plan or move to a new host. Most of the time they had to carry on the plan because of the time and effort they spend on their web sites

On the Offer 2 above the same scenario.

So what you should do?

I recommend to go with a monthly plan with equal amount month to month or an Annual plan which the renew price is clearly stated.
Always ask from support what is the price you need to pay after the Offer/promotion period ends.

Legitimate companies do not promise you false amounts. When you see Strike through text like this - 10$ be very careful.
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